3 Powerful Management “one-liners” That Make A Difference

Strategies for leadership and management development can be found in books, articles, on the internet, and by observing others. I was recently asked by a client to write down the “one-liners” I frequently use to help him stay on track as a leader. Here are the three most powerful:

1. Don’t Make Statements, Ask Questions: (Many of the executives we work with are accustomed to giving orders and making directive statements. These can be powerful and memorable. They can also be a turn off and cause a great deal of trouble. Practice asking questions FIRST and making statements later. Here are some great questions that work in management and leadership situations. “Where did you get that information?” “Do you know that for sure?” “What can I do to help?”
2. It’s Not About Them, It’s About YOU!: (When you experience challenges with employees, clients, shareholders, board members, etc., avoid over-focusing on what they are doing wrong and/or what you would like them to do differently. If you instead focus on you and what you can control, you will reduce your stress level, stop unproductive work habits, and maintain emotional control. If you find yourself making statements or asking questions that are about THEM, try asking yourself these questions instead: “What can I do more effectively to resolve this situation?””What am I doing that is contributing to the challenge?” “What can I do that will help me stay in integrity while resolving this situation?”
3. Beware of Your “Profit Holes:” (The idea of “Profit Holes” came about when I was working with a client who consistently put energy and money into projects and people with absolutely no return. The problem was that she didn’t see where she was losing energy and resources. So, we reviewed her Profit and Loss statements and there it was in black and white. Her profit and financial viability were in trouble. It was time to stop chasing losing propositions. After making some significant changes with clients, employees, and herself, she is now profitable, happy, and financially healthy. To prevent putting your money and energy into “Profit Holes,” ask yourself: “Is this a good use of my time?” “Could someone else do this task?” “If I wasn’t doing this, what would I do?” “Is what I am doing helping or hurting me or the company?”

2009 Jessika M. Ferm & J.Ferm, LLC

Jessika M. Ferm is a writer, coach, speaker, and consultant on leadership, management, and business topics and is known for her “no frills no fluff” approach to sharing information. She is the President of J.Ferm, LLC, an international leadership consulting firm offering no frills, no fluff management skills training that produce measurable results. For more information about the “No Frills No Fluff Management Skills Program” or to sign up for the for the free “Leading Edge” newsletter, visit: http://www.jferm.com/

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