Beware Of Frauds In Internet Banking

The questions that certainly pops up mind of Internet Banking customer is whether it is safe and secure mode of transacting business. Innumerable hoodwinking prevents us to transact business on online basis. Internet banking frauds like phising, which is fraudulent process of acquiring sensitive information from customers. The information may pertain to usernames, passwords and credit card details or it may be bank account details. The prime targets of these techniques are HNI and they are coined by the term Whaling techniques. Generally, the details’ requiring the website seems to be original but it is masquerading website that seeks sensitive details of customers. Other scam that has come into existence is Trojan horse it is term commonly associated with malware. It is a destructive program that steals information from the computer or harms the computer. Once hacker has access of remote computer then he can do data theft or he can watch the users screen or can even download or upload the files on the user’s computer and hence he can literally view all your sensitive information. The third scam that commonly hits the user is Spam or a junk mail which may persuade buyers to buy certain product by giving offers. They may grill your sensitive information and may use that for misanthropic purpose. Other scam is Nigerian Scam it is basically lottery scam in which some overseas cozener person try to deceive innocent person by proffering huge sum at a nominal charge. These kinds of scams has hit Banking industry a lot and many people have lost lakhs of rupees in these kind of scams and innocent people are worst hitted because of all these. To avoid these scams user may take account certain precautions like never log on to internet bank account on public computer, never log on Internet bank through email links, make your passwords lengthy and login name and password should be different. Try not to use similar passwords as you are using in social networking sites, follow bank policy and try to alter password frequently may be within 10 days or so. Try to upgrade your antivirus browser. While doing internet banking try to change your browser mode to private browsing that will delete all cookies and files from your computer. All leading browser have this kind of arrangement for its users be it be Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. Try to use firewall on your PC and keep track of data that is sent by your PC to external world and configure the alert that is being transmitted via internet. Virtual keyboard is another method of being vigilant towards frauds that hay hit individuals. A virtual keyboard is a program that shows a keyboard on the screen, and the keys can be pressed’ by using a mouse.
Moreover, Indian Cyber Laws are not so stringent that’s why this kind of scams occurs again and again. Govt should try to be vigilant and make iron fisted laws and penalize the hackers accordingly. It is the only way to prevent innocent public from impostors.

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