Buying A House – 5 Steps To Help With The Search

A lot of times when home buyers decide to buy that next property instinctively they call their real estate agents to find them new homes that fit their current criteria and needs. This is a great first step because this is what real estate agents do; their job is to find you that next great house.

Sometimes however agents stay on the course and present properties that are easy for them to find and easy for them to work with. However there could be that perfect house out there that gets missed because it’s not in the system for lack of a better term.

It’s a good idea to do some house hunting yourself. Your agent generally won’t be offended if you bring some properties to the table that you want to check out. Listed here are 5 great alternatives to finding that hidden perfect house.

1) Word of Mouth: Telling everyone you know that you are in the market for a new home might give you an advantage in the market. It is very possible somebody knows somebody that has or is about to list their house on the market. Getting that chance to be the first one to look at a property can be invaluable.

2) Real Estate Magazines and Newspapers: These publications usually list new developments and homes being sold. This kind of information in the very least gives you an idea of how much properties are going for.

3) The Internet: Using a site such as to find properties has become the most common way to check out new property listings. The Internet provides instant and updated information about the location, price, and home features for any house in any community. The great thing about the Internet is you can narrow your search down instantly for properties you are interested in looking at.

4) For Sale Signs: Take a drive through the neighborhood of your new community. One: you will be able to compare what you have seen on the Internet or in the paper to what you see in real life. Two: you might find that Gem that is being sold by the owner, usually these houses aren’t as exposed as properties listed by real estate agents.

5) New Development Areas: If a new home interests you, check out the new development areas in your area. Usually builders will have a model home that shows what a typical house in that area looks like. Builders also give new homebuyers options and extras that they can incorporate into their new home if they build from scratch.

These are some great areas to explore along with your agent when buying that next house. Remember using a real estate agent only gives you only 1 option to find that next home.

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