Essential Skill For Project Leaders.

Project management is an aspect carried out in many organizations and institutions in today’s dynamic global business entity. It concerns the application of techniques, tools, skills and knowledge in order to attain the required stated objectives of a project designed in an organization. The project team is responsible for ensuring that an organization’s project is completed within the required during of time.

Projects normally evolve around four main phases namely planning phase, initiation phase, execution phase as well as the closeout phase. This therefore calls for project leaders or managers to have essential qualities, which will enhance the implementation of various projects under the above-mentioned phases.

Project leaders need to posses leadership skills in order to enhance completion of project tasks. Leadership skills is a major prerequisite for effective project management and this entails guiding people as well as showing them an organization’s expectations towards the implementation of a project by adhering to the set objectives. It is through leadership that expectations, enabling environments and goals are established and this leads to project success. Besides leadership skills, project managers also need to have management skills, which help in the overall guidance of team members or project team to accomplish their tasks (Lewis, 2007).

Moreover, project leaders should have essential skills in relation to project management. This is because projects require well-planned and organized efforts in order to enhance the completion of a project and this involves a number of steps namely conducting a feasibility study, support or maintenance, program planning, evaluation, implementation as well as project planning. Management skills are necessary since projects normally require specific tasks (Lewis, 2007).

Another essential skill that project leaders need to have is communication skills. Effective skills in communication are vital because of the time, scope and cost that usually surround the project. This therefore calls for accurate and timely communication display from project leaders. In other words, project leaders need to master their vocabulary well since vocabulary results in effective communication. Team members are also able to acquire information on the current state of the project as well as the necessary changes that may be required through communication (Lewis, 2007).

Lastly, facilitation skills are also essential in project management. These are crucial in order to establish high performance among the project team members. Facilitation skills include motivation, management and encouragement from team leaders to enhance a projects completion in the specified duration of time.

In conclusion, project leaders need to be effective and this requires them to posses the necessary skills that will be effective in project management. This is because project management as a modern concept is applied to various organizational processes which include chemicals, pharmaceutical, defense, hospitals, accounting, local governments, and advertising among others.

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